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About Us

Monterey Racing is a small independant company operating out of sunny southern California. The dream all began with the yearning to show off at car shows and the willingness to teach others about our way of life.... The WHEEL life.



When we first started, we never imagined the enthusiasm or buzz we would create as we, not only showed off our wheels, but also actually knew what we were talking about as we explained our setups to lamen and experience wheel buffs alike. We began selling sets of wheels out of the trunk of our cars to other eager wheel enthusiasts. Soon enough, we had something pretty amazing going on, but we knew we needed a more effecient way to give the public more of what they were craving... MORE WHEELS.


We quickly realized that the interenet would be the most effecient and effective way of reaching the masses. Once the paper work was filed, new Ebay account created, and whole lot of wishful thinking, Monterey Racing Was born. We have for the past 3 years working up to this point and we now boast over a quarter million dollar sales last year, a new website, and a whole lot of confidence.



We are now able to bring to the table something with more substance, something that defines us as something more than just another wheel company. We help others with their knowledge, their desires, and passion...well... when it comes to wheels anyways.

We offer support to the occasional buyer looking to spruce up their daily driver as well as the experience gear heads looking to deck out their rides in some new kicks. We encourage as many questions you can dish out and encourage everyone to use their imaginations to deliver something that we all can share and be proud of.

We offer that dream... Because we are just like you.